Title: Advert Spring Programming TVN Turbo 1 x 45″ (seconds)
Title: Broadcast announcement 6 x 7″ (seconds)
Runtime: 45″ (seconds)
Shooting days: 16 hours
Preparations / set construction: 120 hours

Our part:
– Script and creative concept
– Visual design
– Video direction
– Set: 400 sqm

– 90 tripods
– 200 props
– 150 characters cut out on the plotter
– Video motion mapping
– Realistic 3D drawing: 250 sqm + 60 sqm

January, snow up to ankles. Square kilometre of an old car factory hall in Warsaw. At a temperature of +1 degree Celsius, 310 square metres of realistic 3D drawings are made on the surface, adapted to the perspective of their surroundings. We have screened 3D mapping on one of the walls, on the next one 120kg of scrap metal dropped by professionals fall into the frame. There are eight such sets. A hot-head camera crane placed in the centre rotates around almost 40-metre-long alleys of the hall.

Screen writer & Director: Piotr Jasiński, Armin Kurasz
Art Director: Piotr Jasiński
Set Designer: Magdalena Zabierzowska, Bartosz Antonik
Set help: Grzegorz Urbański (Joker Film)
Set Help: Sławomir Muniak (Joker Film)
Production: TVN Turbo

*HINT: 120kg of scrap metal doubles its weight after being dropped from one metre.

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Date 2016 Client ITI Corporation Sp. z o.o Skills advertising campaign branding content graphic design supervision video