The release was designed in such a way to give each listener an opportunity to create their own version of the cover. The digipak contained 38 stickers with drawings made by the band, which could be stuck to the photographs. We also prepared a video tutorial on how to use the stickers properly. On Facebook, we organized a competition for the best cover created by a listener. The pictures of the covers were presented in an album, and people voted for the best cover. The winners were awarded with items from the label and the band. To further reinforce the campaign, we created a set of promotional graphics. The album was released in two versions: a regular CD box, and a vinyl record.

Managing Producer: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Product concept & Art Director: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Album cover: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Graphic design: Grzegorz Piwnicki + Rasmentalism
Photography: Małgorzata Turczyńska
DTP: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Video: Marcin Grabski
Executive Producer: Marcin Grabski

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Date 2013 Client Asfalt Records Skills advertising campaign content DTP graphic design photo session preparation of a blanking die preparation of marketing materials print product concept supervision video