Parias is a conceptual project. It is a connection of purity and natural, almost handmade parts of the cover. The casing was made of recycled paper. It was deliberately kept unrefined, so that with every touch is becomes darker from fingerprints. Similarly to the covers of old notebooks. In the production of the cover, almost no printing ink was used – only the track list inside is printed in white. The entire graphic form was achieved by various types of embossing. The purpose of this form is to direct attention to the lyrical content, and to be a kind of an additional, yet consistent element of the message conveyed by the album. It is a protest against intrusive, aggressive, and motley covers. It stands in opposition to them, and to omnipresent marketing and advertising that push the music itself to the background. It is also a kind of a graphic joke, a riddle that requires open eyes and open mind to be solved.

Managing Producer: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Product concept & Art Director: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Album cover: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Graphic design: Grzegorz Piwnicki

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Date 2011 Client Fonografika Skills DTP graphic design photo session preparation of a blanking die prepress print product concept supervision widespread promotion in the media