This project was inspired by the covers of jazz albums from the 1960s, as well as the Polish School of Posters. This style is the main theme of the graphics for the cover of the album. The climate is also noticeable in the associated photo session.
Besides the album itself, the box also contains a board game with a specific set of rules. The board depicts a route your pawn has to complete. Along the way, there are numerous surprises and tasks that you need to complete if your pawn stands on a particular spot. There are 20 of them. What tasks are these? This is explained in details in each of the 20 tracks listeners can find on the second record.

Managing Producer: Grzegorz Piwnicki,
Product concept & Art Director: Grzegorz Piwnicki,
Album cover: Grzegorz Piwnicki,
Graphic design: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Photography: Paweł Fabjański
Set Design & Retouch: Natalia Mleczak, Dorota Szelezinska
DTP: Grzegorz Piwnicki
Executive Producer: Marcin Grabski

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Date 2011 Client Asfalt Records Skills content DTP graphic design print